Training Program/Study Tour on the Effective Delivery of Information and Services on Adolescent Reproductive Health for Mongolian Medical Doctors

Code:    Proj-496
Date:    11/20/1995 - 12/08/1995
Duration: --

The project enhanced the knowledge and developed the skills of Mongolian medical doctors in the effective delivery of information and services on adolescent reproductive health. The Mongolian doctors were introduced, exposed and immersed in a combination of methodologies that included lectures, structures learning exercises, group discussions, experiential sharing, role playing, and individual and group work. The program stressed active learning participation. The doctors also visited youth-serving agencies, in Metro Manila and in Baguio City to supplement the learning derived from the training. Based on the theoretical and experiential learning they gained from the training program and study tour, the Mongolian doctors prepared re-entry plans for the implementation of a "Mongolian Adolescent Program" specific to their organizations. Then the doctors formulated a group proposal on "Strengthening the Mongolian Adolescent Reproductive Health Program."