Study on the Metropolitanization in Davao (Metro Davao Extension Project)

Code:    00-001
Date:    07/15/1999 - 06/30/2000

This was a grant to advocate for the importance of population and development planning at the local level, particularly in four areas in Metro Davao -- the municipalities of Panabo and Sta. Cruz; and the cities of Davao and Samal Island.

The project aimed to bring the policy makers and stakeholders to a point whereby a specific problem is identified and a corresponding project is implemented to demonstrate the value of collective planning and problem solving that transcends geographical and political boundaries.

Specifically, a response in the nature of a metropolitan arrangement was suggested to local government officials and other key decision makers as a mechanism for the solution of cross border problems and issues related to basic services such as traffic management, water, drainage and flood control, solid waste management and housing.

At the community level in the four project areas, there is already an appreciation of the need to plan in a collective manner across municipal and city boundaries. The idea was brought to the attention of the newly elected local government officials and other key business and civil society leaders. This was a critical step undertaken after the project.