PVO Corporate Seminars/Workshops

Code:    Proj-497
Date:    01/01/1995 - 10/01/1995
Duration: January 1995 (Financial Management); February 1995(Seminar); October 1995(Annual Partners Conference)

The financial management workshops organized for U.S.AID (1) helped PVOs (private voluntary organizations)/corporate grantees understand U.S.AID guidelines with respect to their grant agreement, (2) discussed current grants and financial management guidelines, and (3) clarified issues related to the management and financial accountability of grants. PCPDs role in the management of the workshops and annual conference involved secretariat support and logistical arrangements, e.g. hotel accommodation, reimbursement for transportation, conference kits. The first Financial Management Workshop, held in January for Luzon grantees, had 43 NGO participants, 18 U.S.AID participants and one resource person from RIG/Singapore. The second workshop, held in February for Visayas and Mindanao grantees, had representatives from 37 NGOs and 16 staff from U.S.AID. The Annual Partners Conference held in Davao City in October had 114 participants from 79 organizations nationwide and 24 U.S.AID staff.