1974 - 1999


Start Year      End Year    

Title Start Year End Year
Reproduction of Slide-Tape Presentations for the International Labor Organization1988
Management of the National Population Library and Technical Assistance to Regional Population Libraries19881990
PMAP-Cebu Industry-Based Responsible Parenthood Program, Training and IEC Component19881990
Development and Production of FP Materials for the Benguet Corporation Responsible Parenthood Program19881989
Package of Services for the Philippine Parliamentarians' Conference on Human Survival: Population and Development (PARLCON)19881988
Dial-A-Friend Telephone Counseling Service19881991
Training of Regional Level Resource Persons on Adolescent Counseling and Information Services for Popcom Region XII19881988
Continued Technical Assistance to TANGLAW, the Maquiapo Farmers19881995
Development and Mobilization of Women Leaders and Other Sectoral Groups for Community Development19881991
Translation, Updating, and U-matic Transfer of An STP Entitled "Population: The Problems and Opportunities" for the Enterprise Program19881988