Park Avenue Initiative: Family-Centered and Peer Learning Approach in Promoting Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Rights among the Youth and Young Adults in Urban Poor Families in Pasay City

Code:    15-148
Date:    05/15/2015 - 05/16/2016
Duration: 1 year, 2 days

The project aims to improve the knowledge of and availability and access to sexuality education and reproductive health services of some 1,000 young people, aged 13 to 23, in four poor barangays of Pasay city. It supports the implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law.

Various strategies will be used, including directly engaging young people through educational activities, counseling, and referrals to health centers. Parent-child encounters will be initiated to mend or build better relationships. Meetings and seminars with parents will be held and fathers' participation in the project will be encouraged. The support system will also be strengthened through capacity building of youth volunteers, participation in the city's child protection network, and ensuring youth-friendly service delivery. Social media platforms and text messages will be tapped to communicate accurate RH information.