A Secondary Education Development Project (SEDP) - Oriented Guidance Project

Code:    Proj-479
Date:    11/09/1992 - 11/30/1994
Duration: 24 Months

The project designed a guidance program for public high schools that responded to the actual needs of students, guidance counselors, school administrators, teachers and parents. In developing the program, four phases were undertaken. In phase 1, two rounds of "Delphi" surveys were conducted to: (a) determine the perceptions of students, parents, guidance counselors, classroom teachers and school administrators about what a guidance and counseling program should contain and; (b) find out what facilities and services a guidance and counseling center should have. Phase 2 involved the gathering of professional guidance counselors, school principals, teachers and DECS officials in a workshop to develop and design a prototype guidance program that can be implemented in public high schools. Phase 2 also involved the training of try-out teachers in six pre-test high schools. In phase 3, the prototype was pre-tested in a classroom setting for 3 months to determine its acceptability to both the teachers and the students. In phase 4, the guidance program manual was redesigned/reformatted based on the recommendations of the try-out teachers and students. The project completed the design of a reconfigured guidance program for public high schools that reflects the actual needs of adolescents, parents and classroom teachers. The curriculum was validated in six high schools in Southern Tagalog (Region 4) for three months. These schools represented the public high schools managed by the Department of Education, Culture & Sports in the rural and urban centers, a newly-nationalized high school, a private nonsectarian school, a technical/vocational school and a state university high school.