2000 to Present


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Code Title Category Start Year End Year
15-153Fast-Tracking Demand Generation for and Delivery of Reproductive Health Services among Urban Poor Women in Bagong Silang and Camarin in Caloocan City, Metro ManilaUncategorized20152016
15-152Promoting Long-Acting Reversible Contraception as a Strategy for Sustainability and Reducing Unmet Need for ContraceptionUncategorized20152016
15-151A Baseline Research on the Girl-Children of Migrant Families in Vulnerable CommunitiesUncategorized20152015
15-150Locating the Indigenous People Communities of Mindanao in the Throes of Migration and Human Trafficking: Profiles and Cases of IPs in TransitionUncategorized20152015
15-149Promoting Youth Participation in Adolescent Health Information and Service UtilizationUncategorized20152016
15-148Park Avenue Initiative: Family-Centered and Peer Learning Approach in Promoting Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Rights among the Youth and Young Adults in Urban Poor Families in Pasay CityUncategorized20152016
15-147Training of Teachers and Pilot Implementation of the Population and Development Education Teaching Modules in Selected Public Schools in Metro ManilaUncategorized20152016
14-145Poverty Reduction through Empowerment & Service Delivery in PalawanIntegrated responsible parenthood and poverty reproduction program20142015
14-144A book documenting the evolution of the country’s population policies – From Population Control to Reproductive HealthKnowledge development and management20142015
14-143Engaging the Youth on Community Based Population Education and Human Sexuality toward Environmental Sustainability in Riverine CommunitiesYouth education on pop-dev, human sexuality and reproductive health20142015