Research Reports - Listening to Our Teacher: An Exploratory Study of the Views, Attitudes and Practices of Teachers and Parents of Catholic High Schools on Reproductive Health, Responsible Parenthood and Sexuality Education

Despite the unwillingness of the Catholic hierarchy to include the teaching of sexuality education in Catholic schools, these institutions of learning cannot afford to ignore it. If they do so, they risk committing a disservice to the young women and men under their care who need to learn about reproductive health and human sexuality if they are to develop into responsible adults.


For the Social Development Office (SDO) of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, one way to respond to this challenge is for Catholic schools to develop their own program that balances Catholic teachings and national policies on popdev and reproductive health.


At the same time, it proposes to involve the faculty and staff of Catholic schools and the parents of their students in the effort by starting open dialogues with them where they could express their own concerns about reproductive health and sexuality education.


SDO took this one step further through its project with PCPD. It held focus group discussions, survey, and interviews with teachers, staff, and parents of children studying in selected Catholic schools all over Mindanao. For SDO, a baseline study needs to be done to surface evidence that will support the development of a sound program on reproductive health and sexuality education.


One common thing that surfaced from all the respondents in the study is that sexuality education must be taught to adolescents and parents must be the one to do this, with teachers as the secondary educators. At the same time, most parents admitted feeling uncomfortable and awkward when talking about sex and sexuality to their children.