Monographs - Hawak-Kamay: Key Findings of a Research on Reproductive Health Practices of the Youth in Poor Communities in Pasay City


In the course of work of the Community and Family Services International’s work with children and youth, anecdotes about teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted
disease, abortion and prostitution amongst the youth came to CFSI’s attention. CFSI saw first hand how these situations exacerbate poverty, increase school
dropouts, and lead to domestic violence and violation of child rights. However, there is limited empirical data to ascertain the extent of these issues and 
determine the effectiveness of responses from government, the private sector and civil society. To understand the issues better, CFSI, in partnership with PCPD, the city health office, and the local governments of Barangays 13, 88, 89 and 91  of Pasay carried out a participatory research that involved the youth of these poor communities and the
key actors from government and the private sector who provide reproductive health services in these areas.