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PCPD Building

Rental Services

PCPD offers more than 5,000 sqm of rentable office space and 1,900 sqm warehouse space. Its spacious vacant lots are ideal for cell sites towers or billboards.

To ensure safety, the building is equipped with smoke detectors and fire-fighting equipment. A standby generator is available in the event of a power failure.

Prospective tenants must submit a corporate profile and should be guided with these basic terms of lease:

  • Two (2) months’ advance payment applicable to the last two months of the lease
  • Two (2) months security deposit
  • Supply its own air conditioning units
  • Supply its own electric and water meters
  • Provide its own janitorial, security and maintenance services within its leased premises
  • Free parking for every 100sqm of office space leased. Additional parking space may be leased

Also available for rent are the following facilities:

  • Conference room for a maximum of 36 persons
  • Exhibit area
  • Dining area that can accommodate a maximum of 120 persons
  • Indoor garden for intimate functions

For inquiries, please contact:
Ms. Merriam A. Lucero
Administration and Property Manager
Tel. No. 843-7061