News - Hesitant to Be Vaccinated against Covid-19? Let This Webinar Help You

The webinar aims to provide the audience with clarity and knowledge on vaccination against Covid-19. Following a talk show format where the audience can ask questions to the resource speakers, it hopes to address the fears, doubts, and apprehensions that people have on vaccination.

The resource speaker for the webinar is Dr. Anna Lisa T Ong-Lim, who is the chief of the Infection and Tropical Disease Division of the Philippine General Hospital. She will be answering questions from the audience throughout the one-hour event.

Dr Ong Lim is joined by lawyer Leo Battad, from the UP College of Law, who will explain the legal implications of the Covid-19 vaccination.

The webinar will be on May 29, Saturday, at 3:30 p.m.  Those who are interested to attend it may register at The webinar can also be viewed live on Facebook @pcpd73 or @upcwgs.