Our Vision & Mission


Our Vision
A better understanding of the relationship between population and development will empower Filipino families to make informed decisions and actions that will result in an improved quality of life. Collectively, we are working toward building a nation that is able to balance its population and resources.


Our Mission
PCPD supports initiatives to influence peoples' views and promote actions toward long-term human development and an appropriate balance between population and resources.


Our Values

Balanced Development
We believe that development can only be sustainable if a proper balance between population and resources is maintained. This will be the underlying theme of all our advocacy and programs.

Respect for the Individual
We believe in the inherent right of every individual for self-determination. We commit to provide relevant information and necessary support to enable each one to make informed decisions and to realize their choices relative to family planning and responsible parenthood.

We recognize that every individual can espouse a view which should be considered in any decision-making. However, a participant to be able to take on the responsibility of speaking up and taking necessary action must be prepared. We promise to help develop this capability among our staff and project participants.

We commit to serve everyone without regard to gender, religion and ethnicity and to provide a comprehensive service in the context of our vision and mission.

We will remain sensitive to the needs of both internal and external clients (employees, tenants and program participants) and ensure that interventions and services are appropriate and delivered with compassion.

We continually seek to raise the quality of our work through purposeful study of emerging trends and practices relative to our work discipline, particularly on population and development and philanthropy.

We will adhere to a strict ethical code in the performance of our duty and ensure that each employee is honest, trustworthy and service-oriented.

We will set standards for the work that we do, and consequently, achieve outcomes of highest quality.

To accomplish our common goal, we will act in unison and support each other in a professional manner.