News - Popdev Videos Ready for Use

First, there are the teaching modules on population and development education. Now there are the video versions as well.

Called Kwentong Kartero, these videos on popdev education were produced by the Knowledge Channel, with funding support from PCPD.

"It is our hope that this resource kit of learning videos and session guides for teachers will go a long way in conveying knowledge and life skills to students as they navigate the complicated stage from adolescence to early adulthood," says Felicitas Rixhon, PCPD's executive director.

"We strongly encourage teachers and educators to use it as they help our young people make informed decisions early in life, develop positive attitude toward sexuality, and contribute productively to society," she adds.

Kwentong Kartero uses the love story of Popo, who is a kartero or mail carrier, and Divina, a teacher, as a springboard to talk about popdev, human sexuality, and responsible parenthood.

The videos can also be used for the “age- and development-appropriate reproductive health education” mandated by Republic Act 10354, or the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law.

There are two sets of videos for students and teachers, respectively, with each set having three funny, yet informative and value-laden episodes.

The first episode, Popo and Divina: a Love Story, is about the patterns of population growth and the age structure of a country’s population.

The second episode, Toti and His Children, presents the connection between population and sustainable development.

The third episode, Handa na ba Tayo, Irog?, tackles human sexuality and responsible parenthood.

The video episodes for students have corresponding elearning activities and session guides to help teachers in presenting the topics.

The video episodes for teachers, on the other hand, allow teachers to have a deeper understanding of the concepts discussed in each episode.

Three popdev experts are featured in the teachers’ videos: economists Alejandro Herrin, retired professor from the School of Economics of the University of the Philippines, and Connie Gultiano, from the Office of Population Studies of the University of San Carlos, and Mitos Rivera, executive director of the Institute for Reproductive Health-Philippines.

Knowledge Channel has uploaded the students’ videos on its website, together with the elearning activities and the session guides. It had initially distributed copies of the video package to participants of the Superintendents Leadership Program held in February this year. More copies will be distributed to various public schools nationwide in the coming months.