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The Programs Assistant has the following duties and responsibilities:
1.  Population and Development Advocacy
a. Scans the external environment (media, civil society, academe) on trending topics and issues related to population and development;
b. Assists in coordinating and implementing key activities such as forums, workshops and conferences for information dissemination and policy and program discussion among partners and stakeholders.
2.  Programs Management
a. Maintains project and grant files;
b. Monitors project and grant implementation;
c. Assists in ensuring the quality of outputs delivered by partner implementers and grantees.
3. Website and Library Management
a. Updates regularly the content of the website;
b. Gathers and responds to feedback from website visitors;
c. Maintains the PCPD library and project and grantee databases.
4. Assistance to the Programs and Advocacy Committees under the direction of the Programs Manager
a. Arranges meetings and events set by PCPD's corporate policies and as instructed by the Programs Manager;
b. Compiles all meeting materials and documents for members of the Programs and Advocacy Committees;
c. Sends out  the minutes of meetings of the Programs and Advocacy Committees and other documents to the members for their signature.
5. Administrative Support
a. Provides administrative and logistical support for conferences, meetings and other PCPD events; 
b. Arranges travel requirements such as airline tickets, hotels and local transportation of Programs and Advocacy Committee members, Programs staff, and project consultants;
c. Keeps an updated directory of current stakeholders and partners and potential donors from bilateral and multilateral organizations, corporations, government and civil society;
d. Performs other related duties that may be assigned by management from time to time.
The Programs Assistant should have the following qualifications:
1. Bachelor’s Degree in the Social Sciences or Development Communication;
2. At least three years experience in administrative position or projects funded by the Department of Health;
3. Excellent interpersonal skills;
4. Good written and oral communication skills;
5. Microsoft Office literate.
Interested applicants may email their application letter and resume to Ms Meriam A. Lucero at