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The position has the following duties and responsibilities:
A. Bookkeeping
To record all financial transactions into QuickBooks (accounting software), after completion of attachments, and approvals have been given.  It is the responsibility of the Finance Assistant to properly accomplish/collect the office forms needed to implement the transactions.  Financial transactions are listed, but not limited to the following:
1. Disbursements – e.g. payments to suppliers of goods and services, releases of grants, payroll, petty cash, remittance of taxes, remittance of statutory contributions and loans, acquisition of fixed assets, travel advances, purchase advances, securing of business permit, etc.  
2. Cash and check receipts – e.g. collections from tenants (customers), donations received, refunds collected, etc.
3. Non-cash transactions – e.g. issuance of statements of account to tenants, accounting adjustments, donations in kind, etc.
B. Summarizing Transactions
To summarize above transactions on a monthly, quarterly and annual bases, through reports generated from QuickBooks.  Reports to be produced and submitted on a timely manner.  To check accuracy, the following software-generated reports shall be reviewed and corrected if necessary:
1. General ledger
2. Trial balance
3. Profit and loss
a. Donors list
b. Grants list
4. Balance sheet
a. Bank transactions summary
b. Cash flows
c. Rent receivables aging
d. Revolving fund inventory
e. Fixed assets listing
f. Accounts payable aging
g. VAT reports
5. Payroll summary
6. Budget performance and forecast reports
C. Monitoring of balance sheet accounts
1. Periodically age and review balances of receivables, as well as payables.  Close balances that are resolved or settled.
2. Cash balances shall be managed so that conservative cash position is known at all times.
D. Submission of annual reports
1. Aside from accompanying reports to remittances, the Finance Assistant shall prepare the annual reports of withholding taxes – expanded and compensation, for timely submission to BIR.
2. To submit miscellaneous reports required by BIR like registration of books, changes in BIR registration, etc.
3. To do what is necessary to secure the business permit for the Organization.
4. To submit the required schedules required by the external auditor.
E. Filing of records
Maintain an efficient filing system so that records are easily found if searched for.  Records are in the form of paper and electronic files.
F. Team playing with co-workers
1. To review financial aspects of contracts of lease prepared by the Admin and Property Management Dept.
2. To inform the Property Manager for defaults in rent collection, for proper communication with the tenants.
3. To undertake at least an annual inventory of fixed assets, together with the Admin Unit, for reconciliation of cost as recognized in the accounting books vs. physical inventory.
4. To undertake annual inventory of office supplies for purpose of recording unused supplies in the books.
5. To reconcile any discrepancies that may be identified, with co-workers who are involved.
6. To report to Management any discovery or suspicion of wrongdoing.
7. To schedule appointments or meetings mainly involving the Finance Department; take minutes of the meetings; and be an active attendee in finance meetings.
8. To suggest changes or improvements to increase quality, accuracy and efficiency; then highlight what isn’t working internally.
9. Assist and deputize on behalf of the Finance Manager.
10. To perform other duties that may be assigned by Management.
Expected Standards:
1. The Finance Assistant applies basic accounting knowledge when producing financial documents such as journals, routine cost estimates or variance analyses.
2. The Finance Assistant exercise judgment in selecting and applying procedures to be used.
3. The Finance Assistant pays superior attention to details.
4. The Finance Assistant adheres to the Organization's financial policies and procedures.  In any case, the Philippine Financial Reporting Standards shall prevail.
5. The Finance Assistant performs tasks with work priorities and general instructions from the Finance Manager.
6. The Finance Assistant fully understands data privacy standards.
7. The Finance Assistant is self-motivated, proactive and innovative.
8. The Finance Assistant is a team player.
Applicants must have the following skills and qualifications:
1. Bachelor's degree in accounting
2. Computer skills:  MS Office and QuickBooks
3. Analytical problem-solving skills
4. Communication skills, both written and verbal
Those who are interested may send their application letter and resume to not later than 21 October 2016.