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The Administration & Property Management Assistant ensures that the buildings and the premises of PCPD are adequately provided for with basic necessities, well kept, and conducive for the various activities that PCPD staff and tenants undertake. Assist the Admin & Property Manager (APM) in the procurement and inventory management and providing necessary assistance to tenants. Assist the APM in ensuring compliance with government regulatory requirement. Assist the Finance Department in the preparation of monthly billing of rentals & utilities.


Duties and Responsibilities

        Procurement and Inventory Management

  1. Processes all office and building supplies and materials requisitions
  2. Conducts monthly and annual inventory of supplies and materials
  3. Prepares supplies and materials purchase requisitions
  4. Canvasses for supplies and materials and endorses quotations to the Administration and Property Manager for approval
  5. Prepares and forwards approved Purchase Orders (PO) to suppliers
  6. Updates inventory of supplies and materials upon every delivery
  7. Requests from and follows up with the Finance Department payment to suppliers
  8. Conducts annual inventory of fixed assets
  9. Recommends disposal of unserviceable equipment

        Maintenance of Equipment, Vehicles, Building, Offices and Premises

  1. Ensures the registration and monitors the insurance coverage of PCPD vehicles
  2. Prepares incident reports on losses or damages to equipment and facilities
  3. Coordinates repair and maintenance of office equipment and vehicles
  4. Assists the Administration and Property Manager in the upkeep and security of PCPD’s building, offices and premises
  5. Coordinates the activities of various building and ground services contractors charged with engineering, maintenance, security, janitorial, landscaping and pest control
  6. Monitors and evaluates performance of suppliers and contractors

        Tenant Relations

  1. Receives and provides quotations on requests for use or rent of space, meeting rooms and office equipment
  2. Arranges and schedules services that are required by building occupants
  3. Prepares billing to tenants, use of generator, overtime of maintenance personnel and use of other facilities and equipment
  4. Determines eligibility of applicants for PONUSWA stickers
  5. Assists the Administration and Property Manager in attending to other tenant concerns

         Personnel Assistance

  1. Ensures that new employees were enrolled to SSS, PHIC, HDMF and other government agencies
  2. Ensures that resigned employees were reported to SSS, PHIC,  HDMF  other government agencies
  3. Prepares request for payment for SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-Ibig contribution and loan

          Assistance to the finance unit in coordination with the Finance Manager

  1. Receive check and cash collection and issue official receipts
  2. Releases check and ensure official receipts is received
  3. Prepares daily cash position report
  4. Prepares monthly billing to tenants for rentals
  5.  Prepares monthly billing to tenants for electricity & water

       Other Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Attends to the renewal/application of business permits



Job Specifications


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business
  2. At least three (3) years’ experience in an administrative position performing building/property/asset maintenance and procurement
  3. Experience in handling logistics and clerical work
  4. Good interpersonal skills
  5. Good written and oral communication skills
  6. Microsoft Office literate

Please submit your letter of intent and resume to Ms Meriam A. Lucero at