News - Getting to Know the New Executive Director

For Dr. Jonathan Flavier, being appointed the new PCPD executive director means a change in mindset.

Although he has a wealth of experience supervising nongovernment organizations throughout his career, this is the first time he’s managing a grant-giving foundation. “Dati taga-hingi lang ako, ngayon taga-bigay na ng konti,” he explains the change in mindset.

This also explains why one of his priorities is to maximize the use of PCPD’s financial resources, starting with its trust funds, which he thinks are “accumulating too slowly.”

“My impression coming in from the outside is that our portfolio of giving is not that considerable compared with two decades ago.  While we have assets, the level of giving we have issued out seems to be contracting,” he notes. 

“The challenge is to be a more significant development partner,” Flavier adds. “Beyond just giving grants, we may be able to support social enterprises where part of the grants generates income for our partners and even for PCPD. Optimistically, if we’re able to develop enough models with proven success in generating profits, the Board (of Trustees of PCPD) may allow part of the trust funds to be used for this.”

“We need to take advantage of opportunities and tap funds available from outside sources. There is plenty of room to tie up with other donors so PCPD as a fund giver itself will be able to support bigger projects with more impact,” he notes.

Another priority for him is to improve building management since this PCPD property is another source of fund for the foundation.

“We can ask our own Board members who have the skills and expertise in property management to help us here. We can get tutorials from them and learn how we can have a more productive property that will also be able to satisfy our tenants,” he explains.

Together with maximizing PCPD’s sources of funds, also at the top of the new director’s to-do list is how to translate its five-year strategic framework to programs and activities.

“It’s good that there is already a strategic framework. Now, we can concentrate in setting up plans and strategies, including those that have to do with the implementation of the RPRH law,” he says, referring to the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health law.

Flavier is also mindful of the relationships he will be keeping in the course of his stint as PCPD executive director.

“We have a strong and very active Board. Thanks to Ma’am Fely (Rixhon, former PCPD executive director), we have a harmonious relationship with them, which we will continue to maintain,” he says.

When asked what kind of leader he will be to the staff, Flavier describes himself as “conscientious and nurturing.” He is often interested in details, which according to him, his former staff interpreted as him being “strict and rigid.”

“I encourage equity. Nagingstaff din naman ako. Naranasan ko na ikaw ang gumagawa ng trabaho pero pag conference na, boss ang pupunta. I encourage the staff to take advantage of opportunities, go out of the office, and study short courses. Sometimes, we tend to forget that part of the satisfaction (one gets in her/his job) is continuing education,” he says.

His nurturing trait extends to partners. “With the technical assistance that PCPD gives to partners, the assumption is that they become better organizations. But do they also nurture their officers and give them a chance to develop themselves? This is something we should look into in our engagement with our partners,” he adds.

Flavier knows the direction where he will take PCPD. “We will continue to do what we’re doing and do them better,” he says, a promise, a challenge, even a marching order to the staff in the days ahead.