News - Five Programs, Five Years, and One Direction

The direction is set for PCPD in the next five years.

Five programs have been given the green light to anchor PCPD’s engagement with partners and grantees, perform its mandate to advance the agenda of population and development, and manage its operations as a grant-giving foundation.

These programs are (1) constituency building for popdev; (2) support for the implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law; (3) management of popdev information; (4) monitoring and evaluation; and (5) institutional strengthening of PCPD.

Constituency building involves influencing other civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, local government units, and academic and research institutions to integrate popdev in their plans and programs. PCPD will provide technical assistance, among others, to enable them to do this as in most cases, they are the ones that actually implement initiatives addressing popdev concerns.

PCPD’s support to implement the RPRH law is focused on generating demand for family planning information and services among poor couples and advancing the adoption of a comprehensive sexuality education for young people and.

PCPD will also support studies that would generate new and evidence-based data and reports on popdev issues, including packaging information materials that clearly show the relationship among population, the use of resources, and sustainable development. It will continue to maintain its online presence through its website and social media platforms. Through them, PCPD’s partners and grantees, in particular, and the public at large can get a sense of what the foundation is all about and be motivated to get behind it.  Engaging in social media is one sure way of building a constituency and a community of supporters, as long as PCPD has the patience to put the time and effort to build it.

While the three programs are geared more toward PCPD’s engagement with partners and grantees and their implementation of PCPD-supported projects, the fourth one is intended to institutionalize its monitoring and evaluation system. This would be reviewed and retooled to ensure that issues arising while the projects are being implemented are addressed in a timely manner. This would hopefully result in identifying good practices that can be replicated by other project implementers.

The fifth program is about strengthening the foundation. The target is to create a core of competent staff and an improved monitoring and evaluation system to gauge how PCPD is performing its mandate. It would initiate fund raising to expand the number of projects it can support and will leverage its regular income to mobilize more resources for its programs and projects.

With these five programs, PCPD is now ready to take on its mission and fulfill the possibilities of the next five years.