Our Strategic Direction for 2015-2020


PCPD has mapped out four programs to address its key objectives and guide its direction in the next five years:

PCPD’s objective of providing GRANTS TO POPULATION ACTION PROGRAMS is focused on the Implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law. This program addresses gaps in how the law is being carried out at all levels and supports financing for family planning projects that provide services to those with unmet need.

The strategic priority of PCPD is to be able to contribute significantly in raising the contraceptive prevalence rate among women and men of reproductive age and lower the country’s total fertility rate. It acts as a catalyst to help women and men achieve their desired family size and spacing of pregnancies by connecting committed FP service providers to sustainable sources of financing .

Its objective of supporting POPULATION RESEARCH AND STUDY GRANTS is directed toward Knowledge Management by a population and development information center that maintains and generates evidence-based data and reports useful in developing policies and programs on population and development concerns.

PCPD intends to zero in on two areas for study. The first is on the population process of migration within and outside the Philippines. The other is on securing the demographic dividend from the country’s young people who are moving into the labor force and the older persons who have the opportunity to continue contributing to the economy. 

Its objective of initiating POPULATION POLICY AND PROGRAM FORMULATION, IMPLEMENTATION, AND EVALUATION is pursued by its program of Population and Development Constituency Building. This involves expanding and diversifying its network of partners and allies, and even securing new groups, to work together to implement action projects that will contribute to sustainable population and development. The action projects that PCPD supports must achieve results that are measurable and adequately assessed for their impacts in meeting the Organization’s goals.

PCPD’s objective of INSTITUTION BUILDING is pursued by Strengthening the Organization through efficient and competent handling of its human and physical resources, finance generation management, and the obligation to allocate 60 percent of its gross income to action projects in population and development. 

With these objectives and programs, PCPD affirms its original purpose of being a Population Center set up by the private sector to support and reinforce government efforts to enhance the wellbeing of Filipino families.